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  • Physiology Devotion

    Apr 20, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Physiology Devotion

    Blood pressure is a fundamental physiological measure of well-being. Its dual values represent the pressures in millimeters of mercury that the blood exerts against the walls of the arterial vasculature in contractile and refilling stages of the cardiac cycle. In order to obtain… [Read More...

  • Orthopaedics Devotion

    Feb 28, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Orthopaedics Devotion

    Instability of a joint can be quite debilitating, particularly in the major joints of the lower extremity. Lateral ankle sprain and anterior cruciate ligament rupture have received an extraordinary amount of clinical and research attention over the past several decades because the former is the most common traumatic joint injury of all-time and… [Read More...

  • Anatomy Devotion

    Feb 16, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Anatomy Devotion

    Doctors are often maligned—playfully or otherwise—about their stereotypical dreadful handwriting. Whether on a prescription slip, in a patient’s medical chart (though thankfully computer technology has positively impacted this particular problem), or anywhere else, “bird scratching” and other colorful… [Read More...

  • Sports Psychology Devotion

    Jan 11, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Sports Psychology Devotion

    Pick an event: running marathon, 10K open water marathon (swimming), 50K cross-country (Nordic skiing), Paralympic powerlifting, Ironman Triathlon (running, swimming, cycling), or any other physiologically demanding sports event. The athletes push their physical limits beyond… [Read More...

  • Orthopaedics Devotion

    Dec 14, 16 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Orthopaedics Devotion

    Collagen. It’s the most plentiful protein in the human body. Skin, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and other soft tissues would be nothing but soup without it. Oh, did I mention bone, too? That’s right, 10% of our skeletons are… [Read More...

  • Physiology Devotion

    Physiology Devotion

    Harmony is not…it cannot be…a state of same-old-same-old, carbon-copied, plain vanilla people residing in Dullsville. An orchestra composed of second clarinets all playing the same series of… [Read More...

  • Nutrition Devotion

    Oct 10, 16 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Nutrition Devotion

    My child, eat refined sugar, sweets, and high-fructose corn syrup, for they are good!” True enough if you care only about taste (and getting children to eat their food). However, anyone with a modicum of health knowledge—or who is trying to conscientiously monitor and moderate their intake of non-nutritive calories—recognizes… [Read More]  ...

  • Orthopaedics Devotion

    Aug 26, 16 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Orthopaedics Devotion

    Rarely do injuries heal as quickly as patients would like them to heal, particularly for people who are accustomed to being active. Healthcare practitioners deliver their care with certain prescribed precautions intended to reduce… Read More...

  • Sports Medicine Devotion

    Jul 13, 16 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Sports Medicine Devotion

    Don’t these verses from the opening portion of Isaiah sound more like a report from the sidelines of an American football game or a pitchside account during a rugby match than a passage from the Bible? I worked for a number of years caring for battered and bruised American football players, so… [Read More...

  • Physical Fitness Devotion

    Jun 15, 16 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Physical Fitness Devotion

    Working out is a popular pastime these days, largely because research showing the benefits of physical activity on every system of the body is overwhelming to the point of being virtually irrefutable. Exercise improves stamina, lowers blood pressure, decreases the negative effects of stress, and… [Read More...