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  • Orthopaedics Devotion

    Orthopaedics Devotion

    Would you agree that things function better when they are in proper alignment? The base of the skull sits atop cervical vertebra number 1, the atlas. The atlas sits atop the axis, and every subsequent cervical vertebra sits atop the one below it. This alignment… [Read More...

  • Act Fast! Join one of our Mission Opportunities!

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    Act Fast! Join one of our Mission Opportunities!

    AIA Sports Performance is offering a record number of projects, camps, tours and internships for team physicians athletic trainers, strength coaches, exercise scientists and other professionals and students to get involved and experience missions in your field of expertise. Use your skills! Travel the world! Share your faith! We have international and domestic events, Competitive [&hellip...

  • Alumni Weekend!

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    Alumni Weekend!

    You’re Invited! Please join us at AIA’s Headquarters in Ohio for an Alumni Weekend, February 9-11 to celebrate what God has done through AIA Tours, Projects, Camps, and Internships. If you’ve served at one of these, then your invited. For more information contact us at and let us know you’re coming!     ...

  • Anatomy Devotion

    Anatomy Devotion

    In both my classroom and my clinic at the university where I work you will find many anatomical models. Some are entire skeletons, others are single extremities, and still others show the inner workings of joints. Some have… [Read More...

  • New Opportunity for AT’s at Ultimate Training Camps!

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    New Opportunity for AT’s at Ultimate Training Camps!

    Athletes in Action Sports Performance is offering new temporary full-time positions for AT’s to serve at AIA’s Ultimate Training Camps (UTC) . We are seeking Certified Athletic Trainers who want to serve others in a ministry position while growing in their own faith and ministry. The newly created UTC Head Athletic Trainer position gives leadership to [&hellip...

  • AIA Announces 2018 Mission Opportunities!

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    AIA Announces 2018 Mission Opportunities!

    What are you doing during your next break? Why not join AIA on an adventure using your skills and expertise? AIA has over thirty opportunities for you. There are both domestic and international competitive teams, camps and educational clinic tours for you to consider. Click here for a list of the ways you can serve with AIA [&hellip...

  • Treasure…a Christmas Devotional

    Treasure…a Christmas Devotional

    “But Mary kept all these things and treasured them in her heart.” Luke 2:19  When I was a child we buried some “treasured” items in a coffee can somewhere on our farm in Michigan.  The plan was to find it later and discover our “treasure”! I don’t remember finding it.   Too often in life we [&hellip...

  • Heading South of the Equator to be a Better AT

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    Heading South of the Equator to be a Better AT

    “As a student and former athlete I am constantly under the microscope and always performing a skill in order to please my supervisor or coach. I was competing because I loved it, but I was constantly worried about what others thought of me. As a student,…[Read More...

  • Anatomy & Orthopaedics Devotion

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    Anatomy & Orthopaedics Devotion

    Feet come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Just the sounds of the nomenclature assigned to some of their anatomical variations probably distress patients in the foot clinic: pes planus, pes cavus, hallux valgus, hindfoot varus, metatarsus adductus, and an array of others. The sole, or plantar surface, is… [Read More...

  • Heading South of the Equator!

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    Heading South of the Equator!

    AIA Sports Performance is heading back to Cape Town, South Africa this month, south of the equator! Use this Prayer Calendar to join our team and also follow their Team Blog! Our team of athletic trainers and students will be serving athletes participating in an Ultimate Training Camp (UTC) and teaching at a local university.  The [&hellip...