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  • Cardiology Devotion

    May 29, 18 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Cardiology Devotion

    Several years back I was teaching a healthcare ministry conference to the staff of a mission hospital in the Middle East. While there I experienced an unusual heart arrhythmia, so I went to the hospital’s cardiology unit for a check-up that… [Read More...

  • Exercise Physiology Devotion

    Apr 15, 18 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Exercise Physiology Devotion

    Increases aren’t always beneficial, but often “bigger” means improved function in exercise physiology. More heart beats and a larger stroke volume in physical training leads to… [Read More...

  • Orthopaedics Devotion

    Orthopaedics Devotion

    Would you agree that things function better when they are in proper alignment? The base of the skull sits atop cervical vertebra number 1, the atlas. The atlas sits atop the axis, and every subsequent cervical vertebra sits atop the one below it. This alignment… [Read More...

  • Anatomy Devotion

    Anatomy Devotion

    In both my classroom and my clinic at the university where I work you will find many anatomical models. Some are entire skeletons, others are single extremities, and still others show the inner workings of joints. Some have… [Read More...

  • Anatomy & Orthopaedics Devotion

    Aug 21, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Anatomy & Orthopaedics Devotion

    Feet come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Just the sounds of the nomenclature assigned to some of their anatomical variations probably distress patients in the foot clinic: pes planus, pes cavus, hallux valgus, hindfoot varus, metatarsus adductus, and an array of others. The sole, or plantar surface, is… [Read More...

  • Rehabilitation Devotion

    Jul 11, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Rehabilitation Devotion

    Posture, in general, is rapidly degrading across cultures that are driven by consumerism (few who are reading this live outside those cultures). What’s to blame? Increasingly sedentary lifestyles, poor physical fitness, furniture that values design over… [Read More...

  • Preventive Medicine Devotion

    Jun 22, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Preventive Medicine Devotion

    The sodium half of a sodium chloride molecule has a bad reputation in healthcare when we think of the amount of salt in a typical diet. True enough, in many ways it is detrimental to good health. We spend lots of time and money educating patients about… [Read More...

  • Rehabilitation Devotion

    May 25, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Rehabilitation Devotion

    When I started as a sports medicine student in the late 1970s, rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in the knee followed a much different prescription than it does today. Athletes who underwent this surgical procedure were immobilized in a fiberglass cast spanning from their groin to their toes. Twelve weeks later,…[Read More...

  • Physiology Devotion

    Apr 20, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Physiology Devotion

    Blood pressure is a fundamental physiological measure of well-being. Its dual values represent the pressures in millimeters of mercury that the blood exerts against the walls of the arterial vasculature in contractile and refilling stages of the cardiac cycle. In order to obtain… [Read More...

  • Orthopaedics Devotion

    Feb 28, 17 • Devotions, Spiritual GrowthNo Comments
    Orthopaedics Devotion

    Instability of a joint can be quite debilitating, particularly in the major joints of the lower extremity. Lateral ankle sprain and anterior cruciate ligament rupture have received an extraordinary amount of clinical and research attention over the past several decades because the former is the most common traumatic joint injury of all-time and… [Read More...